The Foot and Its Toes

A Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Workshop

Gala's Foot (Stereoscopic work) Salvador Dali, Oil on canvas 1973
Image: Gala’s Foot (Stereoscopic work) Salvador Dali, Oil on canvas 1973

“…the foot has two equally important functions to carry out – to support the weight of the body in standing or in progression, and to act as a lever to propel the body forwards in walking, running and jumping.” David Gorman, The Body Movable

In this 3 hour workshop we’ll explore Awareness Through Movement lessons that deal with the dynamic potential in the foot and the ankle. We’ll explore the role of our feet and ankles in finding balance and in mobilizing action. An increase in the movement repertoire of the foot and ankle can support healthy functioning of the joints of the knees, hips, and spine and enable us to deal more easily with changing circumstances.

Date: Saturday, September 22nd, 2012, 1-4pm
Cost: $40

Satori Yoga Studio – 40 1st St, San Francisco, CA –
Paul Senechko, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, San Francisco –