According to Dr. Feldenkrais, each person already presents the ideal body – the ideal way to move – chosen by one’s ability to perceive the choices of movement available. The Feldenkrais Method simply creates the conditions necessary for us to experience more choices. The lessons are introduced in a slow, gentle, and pleasurable way, allowing us to discover ourselves and become interested and curious. With a sense of safety and this increased curiosity, we can begin to shift away from our restrictive habitual patterns and begin to sense and feel new choices, new directions, new ways of moving more freely; gracefully developing awareness, flexibility and coordination. This new learning method becomes easy to meld into the practice of yoga. [1]

What I learned from Feldenkrais lessons was that I had other options for movement that I hadn’t realized. Instead of being locked in my same habitual yoga movement patterns that kept my yoga at a plateau, I learned that I had other ways to move my body. Instead of practicing what I already knew, the Feldenkrais Method taught me to explore other ways of movement besides my habitual movement patterns into which I had been locked. I learned to release chronic muscle contractions and use more of myself in new ways once I moved away from the familiar to what was more efficient and effective. My yoga practice is always better after a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson or after having received a Functional Integration lesson. –CG [2]

The essence of yoga has always been about transformation, invention, and adapting to the times. In that spirit, Feldenkrais is an exquisite way to enter into the practice of yoga that is relevant, safe, and empowering for you, as an individual. First and foremost, the Feldenkrais Method is concerned with learning—our endless human potential to reorganize and adapt, to reinvent ourselves and evolve—much like the essence of yoga. [3]

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